Business insurance

Business insurance

Why do I need business insurance?

If you run any sort of business, you can appreciate there is a chance of financial losses due to certain events. Your premises, stock, staff, finances and various other things are all at risk. These can occur when you least expect them to which is why it is essential to have insurance cover in force. You may be thinking what could go wrong, which we will now explain.

Examples of business insurance claims

Here are some examples of what can happen as a business owner.
  • Your shop window is smashed by vandals during the night requiring an emergency repair for safety and security purposes.
  • One of your employees falls off a ladder whilst working causing injury to themself for which you are liable as their employer.
  • A fire at your shop/office damages your contents and/or stock.
Any incident such as these produces unwelcome costs. Having business insurance in place reduces these costs to what would be a much more affordable annual insurance premium.

How much does it cost to have business insurance?
A panel of insurance companies are available to us which means we can get you the cheapest price. Low cost insurance is not all you get as we only deal with reputable companies ensuring cover is comprehensive. On top of this, we are always here to help in the event of any problem arising.
Business insurance